The news is out!


Yep!  The news is now official.   Caity and Dan are having a baby and so that means I am going to be a granny.  That I am married to a grandpa!

We have been sitting on the news for a couple of weeks now as Caity and Dan wanted to keep it under wraps until they had their scan this week and had then told people outside of their parents (there are a few of us!!).   With news now having reached as far away as Australia and America we were able to share the news publicly.

I am thrilled.  I am so excited for them both to be embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

I registered this URL as a bit of a joke and because I thought I should really!  I did on the day they told me and was all set to fill it with posts and pictures and then thought “hang on, what if somebody randomly comes across it before the news is public” so I removed everything and just sat on it.   I even paid to protect the domain so nobody could do that sneaky WhoIs look up and find it registered to me.

It has been killing us to keep it a secret because we have wanted to shout it from the rooftops and I am so relieved the news is now official.

There is no plan to post a whole stack of content on here in the next few months, I know how boring other people’s pregnancies can get so this site will lay low until the spring of 2020.   You can find me over on MummyBarrow until then

Much love


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